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New paper in Zoological Studies!

In a new paper published yesterday in Zoological Studies, Daniel Stec described two new tardigrade species using integrative taxonomy. The first of the described species was named after Diego Fontaneto, a collaborator of Daniel and a meiofauna specialist working at the Water Research Institute (Verbania, Italy). The second species was named after journalist, historian, and culinary expert Robert Makłowicz, who lives in Kraków and sometimes does his shopping not far from the Institute. Both species are characterized by curious ornamented eggs.

Photos: Daniel Stec. Eggs of Mesobiotus diegoi (upper panel) and Mesobiotus maklowiczi (lower panel) obtained in SEM.

Check out the full paper here (open access), which includes not only the descriptions but also an updated key to species of Mesobiotus.


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