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With a visit at the Natural History Museum of Denmark

Daniel Stec is visiting the Natural History Museum of the University of Copenhagen under the SYNTHESYS+ funding. SYNTHESYS+ is a European Commission - funded project that allows scientists to undertake short visits to utilise collections, staff expertise, and analytical facilities at one of the 21 partner institutions for the purposes of their research. The NHM in Denmark is one of these 21 institutions.

Daniel works hard to make use of his time in Copenhagen and currently goes through some valuable moss samples. Below is a short video from under the microscope.

Video: Daniel Stec. A quick glimpse on a tardigrade wandering through some debris.

Very nice sousage-like tardigrade from a sample frozen over 30 years ago! Indeed, the tardigrade woke after cryobiosis lasting since 1989. Moss samples with tardigrades are often frozen when in a scientific collection. Thanks to cryobiotic abilities, tardigrades can survive this. Same thing happens in nature, for example in polar regions. Learn more about cryobiosis here.


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