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This year's fieldwork in Italy

As expected, the fieldwork season is here. A sampling trip to the Italian Alps is actually already behind us. The purpose of the trip was to collect samples for the Sonatina 6 project funded by the National Science Centre, Poland. Despite the nasty weather, the sampling trip has been successfully performed with the invaluable help of our collaborators from Verbania (Molecular Ecology Group, CNR IRSA). Thanks!

Photo: Daniel Stec. Excellent mountain view on one of the trails near Verbania.

Northern Italy (Piedmont) is perfect for studying tardigrade diversity along the altitudinal gradient. The area is close to the collaborating institute (CNR IRSA), making logistics much easier. The selected mountain areas include a range of elevational gradients with different climates, such as the mountain massif Monte Rosa, and Val Grande National Park (most notable for landscapes of the High Alps, often called "the largest wilderness in the Alps").

Photos: Daniel Stec. Beautiful sites in Piedmont.

The extensive collection of samples for research on meiofauna diversity patterns along altitudinal gradients is on its way to our lab in Poland, while we make preparations for our next trips for other projects!

Photos: Daniel Stec. Examples of samples collected in the field. From substrate samples such as these, tardigrades and other groups of meiofauna can be extracted.


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