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New research projects funded!

We received great news from the National Science Centre, Poland today. Our colleagues obtained funding for their research projects.

Matteo Vecchi received the POLONEZ BIS 3 funding for his project titled "Metacommunity ecology of tardigrades in ephemeral habitats". He will leave his current post at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, to join the iEcoTeam. Bartłomiej Surmacz obtained the PRELUDIUM 21 grant titled "Tough guys in the Anthropocene - differences in tardigrade functional traits and assemblages across a gradient of human impact intensity". He will work on the project with us while he completes his PhD thesis at the University of Agriculture in Kraków. Both new projects are mentored by our very own Daniel Stec and deal with tardigrades.

Photos: Daniel Stec. Tardigrade head (right) and egg (left).

Stay tuned for a more detailed introduction of Matteo, Bartłomiej and their research!

For a full list of projects funded during this end-of-year call, see here.


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