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Filip Turza, a finalist in the Popularizer of Science

Filip Turza has been selected as a finalist in the 19th edition of the Popularizer of Science contest (pol. Popularyzator Nauki) organized by the "Science in Poland" service and published by the Polish Press Agency Foundation. The jury selected Filip in the category of Animator.

Photo: Filip Turza, private archive.

Since 2005, the Popularizer of Science competition has been hosted by the Science in Poland platform in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science. The competition honors scientists, media professionals, institutions, and social activists devoted to sharing their passion for knowledge and spreading it beyond academic circles.

For several years, Filip has been engaged in outreach activities focused on the world of ants through blogging, social media, radio, workshops, student magazines, grants, scientific research, festivals, and picnics. Congratulations on the achievement!

Learn more here (in Polish).


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